Tutorials in Routing in Rails 2.0

Hi All: I try to be fresh and publish new material, but sometimes when someone do something with excellence we only need to praise his work. Here a set of nice articles for explaining what it is routing in Rails from Daryn Holmes. !!Excellent Work!! Part 1 Beginners Tutorial: Routing in Rails 2.0 (with REST) Read more about Tutorials in Routing in Rails 2.0[…]

Developing Java with SAP MaxDB Database – Part 1

SAP MaxDB is a relational database that provides functions for creating, using, and managing databases and the software comprises the database kernel, tools, and interfaces. SAP MaxDB has its own JDBC Driver which we can used to execute SQL statements with Java. It is a JDBC 2.0, that you can find on the following location Read more about Developing Java with SAP MaxDB Database – Part 1[…]

MacOS X Ruby on Rails Development tips I

We open a set of posts dedicated to mentioned Rails development tips or tricks which are often found in several articles: 1) Open several instances of a webrick server from the command line on MacOs X Leopard : This article is based on a similar tip provided for Windows OS by Mr. Arjun Ghosh. It Read more about MacOS X Ruby on Rails Development tips I[…]

A Michael Wesch Lecture

Inspiring, revealing what to say about this lecture from Michael Wesch called “A Portal to Media Literacy”. I have watched several time this thought-provoking lecture and each time I watch it I found something different that makes me think how mass-user content providing , or what it is called more generally web 2.0 could slowly Read more about A Michael Wesch Lecture[…]