A Michael Wesch Lecture

Inspiring, revealing what to say about this lecture from Michael Wesch called “A Portal to Media Literacy”. I have watched several time this thought-provoking lecture and each time I watch it I found something different that makes me think how mass-user content providing , or what it is called more generally web 2.0 could slowly turn up-side-down how knowledge and knowledge jobs are made today.

He has did it again after creating a video about web 2.0, which not only really explain very well what the whole concept is, but also its visual language has inspired other videos about technology.

Although the lecture is about how web 2.0 tools and media could revolutionaize learning and classroom work, it is also talking about something else, it goes beyond to learning environment and it could influence other environment such as research, consulting or product development where knowledge is main asset.

Tools presented on the video are interesting and but the best are the reflections, concepts and the best practices which could be interfered from the video. How interesting could be to apply these concepts to consulting, and how challenging at the same time. Could you imagine to apply these methodology to our behemoths (companies) currently on the markets.

There are in fact companies such as Accenture which are creating their own wikis, blogs, social bookmarking, social computing applications, or companies like Capgemini which are using youtube for publishing their videos

It is a long, more than 1 hour but really it deserves time to watch it.

Kind regards