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We open a set of posts dedicated to mentioned Rails development tips or tricks which are often found in several articles:

1) Open several instances of a webrick server from the command line on MacOs X Leopard :
This article is based on a similar tip provided for Windows OS by Mr. Arjun Ghosh. It is basically the same.
a) I open my Terminal app
b) I access to my rails application directory (previously created) which is created on my Library directory:
cd library/rails_apps
c) Then, we access to each one of the applications we want to open in webrick: We open the first server with the typical sentence:
and then if we want to open another application, we access to the application:
/script/server -p3001

2) Scaffold Rails 2.0

Clearly, I do not understand this scaffold change on the Rails 2.0 version, it has changed one of the features I enjoyed most from Rails which was a great dynamic scaffolding, and also the possibility to scaffold a model and a specific controller. I understand that it is being done to obtain a more Restful approach on the models and on the controllers, but sometimes is a pain.

Not long time before the appearing of Rails 2.0, I had the brilliant idea of buying last version of version of the Rails book which obviously have all example written in Rails 1.x version. For that reason depot example is no longer valid.

As Mr. Arjun Ghosh mentioned on his comment before there is a new edition of “Agile Web Development with Rails” coming out soon. (See reference)

Enough for now

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  • Arjun Ghosh

    Thanks for mentioning my blog post on rails tips and setup. One thing I would like to mention is that now there is a Rails Restful book with depot example, the Second Edition AWDWR book. Also there is a Rails 2.x free PDF book which you can check out.

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