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Due to the acquisition of MySQL by Sun, from October 5, 2007 MaxDB returns to be maintained by SAP again. This is an important news in two senses, on one side it is sad since mysql and maxdb have always been my favorite databases and having both supported by the same team was something that pleased me a lot.

But now situation have change and although I am going to still using mysql for many of my projects, I have decided to give some support to this database as well apart from the one that SAP gives to it on its own developer’s web siteand in itsown wiki site.

To make a little bit of history and put everybody in context, this is a open source project SAP launched in order to compete with its biggest rival Oracle on the database market. If the database was previously acquired from another vendor that something I do not know. Codename as sapdb it was released 7.3 and 7.4 versions.

In 2004, not having the sucess expected, they decided to handle this project to MySQL AB at the same time that SAP Ventures (SAP Venture Capital company )takes a participation at the company. They changed the name to MaxDB and together with MySQL AB, they launched around to 2005 the MaxDB 7.5. This project was meant to be an Open Source Enterprise Database alternative to Oracle for companies using MySQL for small applications.

As we said before, since SUN has acquire mysql, the MaxDB support has returned back home to SAP as it is going to be used by the german software company as an alternative for its clients to comercial databases.   Additionally, it is going to be used by SAP as the database of choice for its SaaS software, called, at least today, SAP BusinessByDesign. Obviously, considering it is no being yet launched this name will obviously changed in the future.

What will be future of SAP MaxDb now that it has been separated from mysql, some will say not very good, on my opinion that I have been working with SAP products for almost 10 years, it’s life it is about to begin. One I have learned from SAP is that never quit an idea. It will change names, strategies, versions, but if they believe they need to launch a database. Do not worry, it will take 20 years but they will make SAPDB, MaxDB , SAP MaxDB or whatever name leader on the database market.

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