Create a Lift Project with Maven 1

Install Lift 2.1 in MacOSX Leopard > (4) Create a Lift Project with Maven:

The Apache Maven has become a standard, a standard that is already installed in Mac OS X Leopard by default, and there is no need to installed again. It is also possible to update it.

Once the maven is installed, we can use it to create a Lift Project, you could start the mvn command, and create a project with the following structure.

mvn archetype:generate \
 -DarchetypeGroupId=net.liftweb \
 -DarchetypeArtifactId=lift-archetype-basic_2.8.0 \
 -DarchetypeVersion=2.1 \
 -DarchetypeRepository= \
 -DremoteRepositories= \ \
 -DartifactId=lift_app_test \

We are going to analyze each of the terms on this archetype:

  • archetype:create -U: It indicates the type of archetype we are going to use, there could be others which we will use to build the application or deployed
  • -DarchetypeArtifactId can have one of the three values
    • – lift-archetype-blank: To create a blank project without any database or ORM.
    • – lift-archetype-basic:To create a liftweb project with ORM and derby database, it is good for prototyping a project and help to start with beginners
    • – lift-archetype-jpa-basic To create a liftweb project with ORM and jpa database

    We modify the following parameters to adjust it to our project: \
     -DartifactId=lift_app_test \

    Once the execution of the Maven is completed, we execute the following commands:

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  • Ampersandre

    Hey thanks!
    I was having problems using the default lift archetype, there were some version numbers that weren’t quite right, but this worked flawlessly!

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