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SAP Cloud Platform Trial

SAP Cloud Platform was previously known as SAP HANA Cloud Platform. SAP AG has recently The SAP Cloud Platform (SCP) is organized in Environments and Regions. As we explained before, there are currently two Environment: The SCP Neo Environment (SCP Neo) and the SCP Cloud Foundry (SCP CF). Inside each of them, there are several Regions. For instance, at the […]

What is a Multi-Target Application?

SAP is moving its initial approach based in providing its Platform-As-a-Service (PaaS) in its own Infrastructure Cloud Platform to a Multi Cloud platform. For that it is porting its own platform and development architecture to an Open Source project named CloudFoundry. Cloud Foundry is an open source platform that could be deployed for running apps in own computing infrastructure or […]

Malasia View

Multi-Target Applications with SAP Cloud Platform

All, more news from your captain, Once again we have boldly start a new set of articles to introduce to a new universe. This time  around how to develop Multi Cloud applications using SAP Cloud Platform. SAP Cloud Platform is Platform-As-A-Service (PaaS) offering. When it was launched, its scope was similar to the ones provided Heroku, OpenShift or Amazon Web Services. However, […]

Lifty Engine for Beginners

Lifty Engine is a Sbt processor target to LiftWeb Processor. If we would like to create our first LiftWeb processor with the Lifty Engine the best point to start is reading this article. The objective of this post is go deep on that article and post my own experience using it. Also, to share some of my progress with it […]