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Digital Decoupling using SAP Cloud Platform

While SAP SE is pushing S4HANA as the core of the Digital Transformation to their customers. Companies not considering a S4HANA upgrade have other Digital journey alternatives . Instead of performing an upgrade of their SAP Business Suite, to decouple functionality and move it to the Cloud. In fact, SAP SE has developed in the last years a good portfolio […]

Malasia View

Digital Transformation Strategies with SAP Cloud Platform

These days many traditional companies are adapting their existing business to the demands of the Digital World in which we live. Smaller, faster, and more manoeuvrable startups are challenging their leadership position. In a fast-paced digital environment, having financial resources and economies of scale are not enough for creating more competitive products and services. Innovation and execution speed are becoming […]

Lifty Engine for Beginners

Lifty Engine is a Sbt processor target to LiftWeb Processor. If we would like to create our first LiftWeb processor with the Lifty Engine the best point to start is reading this article. The objective of this post is go deep on that article and post my own experience using it. Also, to share some of my progress with it […]