Daily Archives: August 29, 2017

SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Foundry Environment

The SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Foundry environment has been recently released to General Availability in Q2 2017. Also, it has been incorporated as part of the Trial Edition, so developers could try it for their own “pet projects”. Cloud Foundry is a Platform-As-A-Service. The main unit of the platform is the application. The PaaS which run using the support of […]

Create a NodeJS Application at SAP CP Cloud Foundry Environment

As a demo of the concepts discussed in previous articles of our series, we have collected in a single resource the best practices on how to build a nodejs application. These are a compedium of multiple blogs which explain how to create a Node JS Application. Also, SAP has forked the standard Cloud Foundry NodeJS sample application. Manifest File – Metadata […]