Multi-Target Applications with SAP Cloud Platform

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Once again we have boldly start a new set of articles to introduce to a new universe. This time  around how to develop Multi Cloud applications using SAP Cloud Platform.

SAP Cloud Platform is Platform-As-A-Service (PaaS) offering. When it was launched, its scope was similar to the ones provided Heroku, OpenShift or Amazon Web Services.

However, SAP AG has done this time a very interesting move repositioning itself from another  player such as  as an enterprise platform capable to work with multiple Infrastructure-As-A-Service partners (IaaS) such as Microsoft, Google, Amazon Web Services and VMWare.

These days we have seen how there a bunch of new buzzwords for those application architect to get benefit from the advantages from the Cloud: 12 Factor Apps, Cloud Native Application. SAP Marketing guys have again coined two new terms or buzzwords: Multi-Cloud Applications or Multi-Target Applications. Most likely, these

We have structure this series in the following articles:

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