SAP Cloud Platform Trial


The SAP Cloud Platform (SCP) is organized in Environments and Regions. As we explained before, there are currently two Environment: The SCP Neo Environment (SCP Neo) and the SCP Cloud Foundry (SCP CF). Inside each of them, there are several Regions. For instance, at the SCP Cloud Foundry there is a Frankfurt Region. At the SCP Neo Environment there is a region named after Europe (Rot) – Trial. Just for your information SAP Data Center is located at St.Leon-Rot. It is a city which close from Walldorf and Heiderberg(One of the most beautiful cities in Germany, I may say).

Inside each of the regions, there are multiple subaccounts which could be created and assigned for each user global account. In each SCP Cloud Foundry (SAP CF) region multiple subaccounts could be created.

SAP Cloud Platform contains two possible environments for deploying the application:

  • Neo Environment: It is SAP proprietary cloud platform which was using in the first version of the SAP Cloud Platform. It allows to deploy HTML5 and Java applications. It is hosted using SAP infrastructure.
  • Cloud Foundry Environment: As mentioned before, it is a open source platform which allows to deploy applications built using other technologies apart from Java such as Go, Python, NodeJS.Cloud Foundry environments is hosted in Amazon Web Services and MS Azure. Therefore, it is possible that this offering is exported to other cloud providers.

SAP Cloud Platform provide tools which could be directly leverage using other Cloud provider. For instance, a development tool such as SAP Web IDE.


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