Install Lift Web Framework – The Series

If you are a loyal reader of this blog, you know that I am a rather new fan of Lift and Scala. I have recently move to use Lift 2.1 over Scala 2.8.0.  Unfortunately, I cannot work with Lift as much as I want. My story with Lift and Scala is fill with a lot of blank spaces where, due to my job, I have no contact with Lift coding at all. For that reason, I have created these set of Quick and dirty instructions as tutorial where I review tips, tricks to install Scala, Lift Web Framework, Simple Build Tool, Maven, and Eclipse.

The idea is to keep it updated from time to time including my new findings, and novelties as I believe it is going to change at lot in the very next future.

Developing Java with SAP MaxDB Database – Part 1

SAP MaxDB is a relational database that provides functions for creating, using, and managing databases and the software comprises the database kernel, tools, and interfaces. SAP MaxDB has its own JDBC Driver which we can used to execute SQL statements with Java. It is a JDBC 2.0, that you can find on the following location of the installed MaxDB JDBC […]