I have changed to JQuery in Rails

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jQuery is today the best js library, prototype is a challenger.The reasons why I think this are beautifully illustrated on the following post. To use jQuery in rails install the following plugin: ruby script/plugin install http://ennerchi.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/plugins/jrails Here is a list of existing functions which are available once we replace prototype+scriptacuolous for the jquery. Hopefully, this […]

Ruby on Windows Articles

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Hi All:

Not very recently ago, I found this great site about how to automate our main and basic tasks on Windows using Ruby called Ruby on Windows

. Being a lifetime ruby beginner, I found that maybe I could use this for my windows daily task and meanwhile learn a little bit more of Ruby.

Specially I like the articles about wxruby as sometimes I feel in the need or creating my own GUI for some of the tasks I and doing. Since I have no interest in program with Visual Basic .Net, as I feel a huge industrial development environment is not suit for my specific need, I feel wxruby is suitable tool for me.

Kind regards