Learn to build a Rails app using Heroku and Git

Hi All: In 2009, I discovered Heroku service for building applications. Not long time ago was bought by Salesforce and it has expanded its list of programming languages including Java, Scala, Clojure and Node.js. It is extremely useful and extremely easy to use. It is also based in Git a SCM system which is also revolutionazing the version control systems. […]

I have changed to JQuery in Rails

jQuery is today the best js library, prototype is a challenger.The reasons why I think this are beautifully illustrated on the following post. To use jQuery in rails install the following plugin: ruby script/plugin install Here is a list of existing functions which are available once we replace prototype+scriptacuolous for the jquery. Hopefully, this support will improve once we […]

Ruby on Windows Articles 1

Hi All:

Not very recently ago, I found this great site about how to automate our main and basic tasks on Windows using Ruby called Ruby on Windows

. Being a lifetime ruby beginner, I found that maybe I could use this for my windows daily task and meanwhile learn a little bit more of Ruby.

Specially I like the articles about wxruby as sometimes I feel in the need or creating my own GUI for some of the tasks I and doing. Since I have no interest in program with Visual Basic .Net, as I feel a huge industrial development environment is not suit for my specific need, I feel wxruby is suitable tool for me.

Kind regards