I have changed to JQuery in Rails

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jQuery is today the best js library, prototype is a challenger.The reasons why I think this are beautifully illustrated on the following post. To use jQuery in rails install the following plugin: ruby script/plugin install http://ennerchi.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/plugins/jrails Here is a list of existing functions which are available once we replace prototype+scriptacuolous for the jquery. Hopefully, this […]

Conferencia Rails 2008

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Un más ActivoRicordi ha estado en la conferencia Rails española. Un año más esta siendo una gran experiencia, un año más el software es la excusa para juntar gente brillante sobre un mismo techo y compartir que se esta haciendo cosas muy interesantes en este país relativos a la innovación. Muy lentamente se esta generando […]

Tutorials in Routing in Rails 2.0

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Hi All: I try to be fresh and publish new material, but sometimes when someone do something with excellence we only need to praise his work. Here a set of nice articles for explaining what it is routing in Rails from Daryn Holmes. !!Excellent Work!! Part 1 Beginners Tutorial: Routing in Rails 2.0 (with REST) […]