I have changed to JQuery in Rails

jQuery is today the best js library, prototype is a challenger.The reasons why I think this are beautifully illustrated on the following post. To use jQuery in rails install the following plugin: ruby script/plugin install http://ennerchi.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/plugins/jrails Here is a list of existing functions which are available once we replace prototype+scriptacuolous for the jquery. Hopefully, this Read more about I have changed to JQuery in Rails[…]

Tutorials in Routing in Rails 2.0

Hi All: I try to be fresh and publish new material, but sometimes when someone do something with excellence we only need to praise his work. Here a set of nice articles for explaining what it is routing in Rails from Daryn Holmes. !!Excellent Work!! Part 1 Beginners Tutorial: Routing in Rails 2.0 (with REST) Read more about Tutorials in Routing in Rails 2.0[…]

MacOS X Ruby on Rails Development tips I

We open a set of posts dedicated to mentioned Rails development tips or tricks which are often found in several articles: 1) Open several instances of a webrick server from the command line on MacOs X Leopard : This article is based on a similar tip provided for Windows OS by Mr. Arjun Ghosh. It Read more about MacOS X Ruby on Rails Development tips I[…]