Digital Decoupling using SAP Cloud Platform

While SAP SE is pushing S4HANA as the core of the Digital Transformation to their customers. Companies not considering a S4HANA upgrade have other Digital journey alternatives . Instead of performing an upgrade of their SAP Business Suite, to decouple functionality and move it to the Cloud.

In fact, SAP SE has developed in the last years a good portfolio of Cloud Business Solutions. These Cloud Business Solutions are replacing onPremise solutions. such as (Human ResourcesSuccessfactors), Procurement (Ariba), Travel Expenses Management (Concur). SAP SE does not market these applications as alternatives of their onPremise applications, but as replacement. SAP SE is developing new features and functionalities mostly at its Cloud Business Solutions. Its onPremise Solutions are updated only with Security, Legal and other regulatory update. In the future, SAP landscapes will be hybrid combining both Cloud and OnPremise solutions.

Photo by Ishan @seefromthesky on Unsplash

Ishan @seefromthesky