Lifty Engine for Beginners

Lifty Engine is a Sbt processor target to LiftWeb Processor. If we would like to create our first LiftWeb processor with the Lifty Engine the best point to start is reading this article. The objective of this post is go deep on that article and post my own experience using it. Also, to share some of my progress with it […]

Learn to build a Rails app using Heroku and Git

Hi All: In 2009, I discovered Heroku service for building applications. Not long time ago was bought by Salesforce and it has expanded its list of programming languages including Java, Scala, Clojure and Node.js. It is extremely useful and extremely easy to use. It is also based in Git a SCM system which is also revolutionazing the version control systems. […]

Create a LiftWeb project with Simple Build Tool 3

Once the SBT tool is installed, we proceed to create the lift project structure, there are 2 ways to create a Lift Project, the first one is tha we can create a new project by the traditional means using maven.

Create a Lift Project with Maven 1

Install Lift 2.1 in MacOSX Leopard > (4) Create a Lift Project with Maven: The Apache Maven has become a standard, a standard that is already installed in Mac OS X Leopard by default, and there is no need to installed again. It is also possible to update it. Once the maven is installed, we can use it to create […]